An invitation to share

SCCLL’s members are not only incredibly creative and productive, they are very geographically diverse. This wiki has been created to pull together and share our collective work product. Please share your forms, powerpoints, library policies, bibliographies, and other items you have stashed in your vertical file!  

How to view resources:

Resources are organized by category. Choose the category you desire from the list along the side of the screen. You can also do a search of the site, although it will not search the full text of the documents.

How to add resources:

1. Become a user of the blog. Click here for instructions.

2. Log in with your user name by clicking “Log In” in the “Meta” menu, all the way at the bottom of the page. Then click “Site Admin.”

3. Click “add Post” under “Posts.”

4. Insert document (or documents, if it’s a set) using the “Add Media” button (click image to enlarge):


You will be prompted to  “Add media from your computer.” Click “select files” and browse to your desired document(s). It will be uploaded and you will be presented with this screen (click image to enlarge):

The metadata is optional. You may want to change the title to something other than the filename.

Click “Insert into post” and the link will be placed into the post at your cursor.

To insert something that you already uploaded, browse in the “Gallery” (for very recent uploads) or “Media Library.” When you locate the item you want, click “Show” to go to the above screen, then “Insert into Post.” 

5. In the post, describe the document so it can be found by searching (the site won’t search the text of documents).  Include Jurisdiction if relevant, and any helpful comments or context.

6. Check off as many categories as are relevant (for instance, both “Pro Se Forms” and “California Forms”).

If it doesn’t fit a category, leave it uncategorized and comment on this page to suggest a new one.

7. Put in as many or as few tags as you like. Suggestions: state, topic keywords, etc.

8. Hit “publish” and your resource has been added!


One response to “An invitation to share

  1. blf10

    How about a Mission Statement category?

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